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Specialists in Temperature Management for Chilled and Frozen Food

Assisting companies to minimise waste, drive efficiency and achieve compliance, while protecting and promoting their brand.

What we do...

We help food manufacturers face the challenges of food temperature control and management.

Our manufacturing experience improves customer capabilities by expanding their understanding of chilling and freezing products, their processes for cooling and storing produce and being proactive rather than reactive to issues.

Temperature measurement is all about sampling; sampling the air in storage and production areas, testing products periodically or spatially to ensure products reach the target temperature in the correct time, but how much is really known about the environment? How much do temperatures differ under various conditions and situations? How do product and loading changes affect a blast chiller? Do some/most/all products reach the target temperature at the same time? How much time and energy is lost by 'being on the safe side' and overchilling? Is the test probe finding the elusive 'core' temperature? Is the product at the correct temperature until it reaches the customer and what influences it?

We can answer all of these questions and ones you haven't even thought of, for you, your customers and the auditors' peace of mind.



Our unique range of test equipment validates your process from end to end, ensuring temperatures that limit the growth of bacteria and viruses, that cause illness and even death, are maintained. We review your HACCP Plan with you for chilling and freezing and supply what you need to verify your processes.


Our consultancy process uses innovative test technologies and methodologies, combined to give customers all the data they need for peace of mind that they fully understand their product, processes and equipment.



Increases in energy costs and pressure to reduce carbon emissions and product waste impacts tight profit margins. We help our customers by optimising their chilling and freezing, giving significant energy savings and eliminate waste from temperature probing.

Why we do it...

Food Industry Challenges

The UK food industry has many challenges, due to its nature of high volumes and often short shelf life, but none more so than HACCP,  the principles for ensuring food safety and quality. Part of these principles covers temperature control and measurement, where food must be chilled quickly to avoid the growth of foodborne pathogens that can cause food poisoning.


Pathogens can be introduced in ingredients, by the manufacturing environment or people and the battle against them is never-ending. Temperature control of chilled and frozen food is vital in ensuring food safety by limiting the growth of pathogens that can cause foodborne illness. 

We often hear about issues of pathogens causing foodborne illness such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E.coli which can be impacted by temperature issues in cooking, chilling, storage or distribution. 


Time is of the essence, as they say. Maybe "they" worked in a food factory, where products are made, processed, chilled or frozen and shipped to customers as quickly as possible to maximise the time available on shelves. Add to this equipment downtime, changing orders and staff turnover and it's a continuous battle.

Thermal Matters can help by optimising the product time in blast and spiral chillers, increasing throughput and reducing cooling bottlenecks.


Manufacturing chilled and frozen produce is often very energy intensive and generally wasteful. Products have to be cooked, then cooled  quickly to prevent  growth of pathogens. Because of the "built-in" waste and product temperature being critical, it is usually perceived as a fixed cost. We challenge that perception by finding efficiencies in time and energy, increasing profits and reducing carbon footprint. Opportunities to make improvements that improve product safety and quality and are also profitable don't come along very often!

Challenge Us.......

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We hope you like what you have seen so far, now put us to the test. As your business overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19, Thermal Matters would like to help you optimise your processes, procedures and equipment ready for another change in customers' eating habits.

We will work with you to assess to current situation, including efficacy, efficiency and give you a report on our findings, which can help you improve your HACCP plan, be audit ready and saving money.

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