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Equipment Sales

We are very demanding of the equipment we use. As well as our unique methods, we make sure our devices are accurate, robust and reliable. 

Thermal Matters are proud to be partners with our suppliers, so our customers can repeat our work time and time again and ensure their products are safe and their equipment working effectively and efficiently.





Temprecord International Ltd is a global exporter of New Zealand manufactured temperature and humidity monitoring equipment that supplies a variety of industries such as laboratories, hospitals, blood services, food processing, industrial and logistics companies.

Their products are renowned for their degree of accuracy, precision, reliability, warranty provided and support. They have been operating for 21 years and are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory Standard and certified to ISO 9001:2015  Quality Management Systems Standard. They pride ourselves in providing a product our clients can rely on, features that help make your job easier and high quality solutions at a reasonable price.



Testo manufacture and calibrate measurement instruments for HVAC, Refrigeration, Catering, Food Processing, Indoor Climate Monitoring, the Pharmaceutical industry and many more.

We have used Testo probes for a number of years and they never let us down. They are well thought out in their design and specification and are very robust, a necessity for busy food factories.

Testo's Thermal Imaging Cameras and set of Smart Probes are perfect for our Validation and Verification work, where remote access and control are required, as is the need for data and lots of it!



Thermal Matters presents the CelsiusChecker  measurement system offering a fast, accurate method for non-destructive and non-invasive temperature measurement of a wide variety of food products. By measuring the temperature of products without breaking the outer packaging or the product itself, the CelsiusChecker 20 drastically reduces waste and increases throughput and profit. 

The measurements are performed using microwave thermometry which measures the equilibrium temperature rather than the surface or core temperature. This produces fast, consistent and accurate readings because the temperature measurement is not reliant on the positioning of a temperature probe. CelsiusChecker is not an alternative but the new standard offering for superior quality assurance. It does not miss hot or cold spots as it takes into account the entire product.


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